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Making an application for assistance

boyApplications for assistance can only be accepted through social workers, case managers, occupational therapists or other responsible persons holding official positions within organisations such as welfare organisations, hospitals or organisations providing support to those with a disability or health condition.  Applications can only be accepted by organisations holding DGR Item 1 status. All applications should be directed to The Secretary, and be made on behalf of identified clients whose particular need for assistance must be specified.


A provider of last resort

Financial assistance can be made available for almost any purpose considered necessary for the applicant’s health and wellbeing, but the Trust is positioned as a provider of last resort assistance. Even then, due to the high demand for our limited resources, we can help only where needs are desperate and assistance is necessary to maintain the minimum standards of safety, security, protection and comfort for the individual or family. In cases where funding for expensive items of equipment is being sought, these items are to be retained by the organisation supporting the application as part of that organisation's equipment pool.


We may be able to assist

The following personal characteristics are indicative of the circumstances in which we may be able to assist:

  • hold permanent Australian residency status or citizenship
  • household income levels at or below the level of Centrelink benefits
  • no major assets that could be realised
  • no other resources that can be accessed (e.g. savings)
  • families with young children, particularly single-parent families
  • families with disabled children
  • adults and children with disabilities particularly physical disabilities
  • assistance has been sought/is being sought from other charitable organisations
  • some unexpected catastrophic event has caused a crisis
  • no assistance is available from family or extended family members
  • time payment options have been exhausted in respect of utility and rental arrears if assistance is being sought for these items
  • financial counselling, where appropriate, has been embraced in an effort to prevent future crises
  • applicants have demonstrated some self-help behaviour and are endeavouring to plan for a viable lifestyle within their resources


We would not usually approve requests for:

  • retrospective funding of expenses, ie. reimbursement of costs already met
  • travelling expenses, except for essential medical treatment and other exceptional circumstances
  • car expenses, except where the vehicle is absolutely essential for access to medical treatment and other exceptional circumstances
  • repayment of loans & credit cards
  • medical treatment that is available under the public health system within a reasonable time frame
  • rental bonds
  • payment of public/community housing rental or rental arrears
  • squalor or forensic cleaning
  • removalist costs
  • home modifications
  • purchase of a vehicle
  • significant vehicle modifications
  • additional funding where we have already provided earlier assistance. 


Applying for assistance

Requests for financial assistance should be addressed to
The Secretary, The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust
PO Box A2263, Sydney South
NSW 1235

and include:

  • a completed Application for Financial Assistance Form signed by the applicant and the social worker, dedicated case manager, occupational therapist, physiotherapist or other responsible person assisting the client.
  • a letter supporting the Application from the social worker, case manager, occupational therapist, physiotherapist or other responsible person, providing:
    • background information covering any of the items mentioned above, as applicable;
    • an assessment of the client's needs; and,
    • some comment about the degree of difficulty and need the client is experiencing.
  • copies of quotes obtained for any specific item requested for a client.
  • copies of the relevant accounts if assistance is being sought for outstanding debts, eg, electricity, gas, telephone.


Who approves the application?

Approval of applications is entirely at the discretion of the Board Members. As there are not sufficient funds to permit approval of all applications, the Board members will make a careful assessment of the degree of need of each individual case, and will allocate available funds to those applications where the need is considered to be greatest.

Applications are processed and considered by Board Members weekly, and a response is usually sent within 7 working days of receipt of applications.


How are the funds provided?

If the application is approved, a cheque is made payable to the charitable organisation sponsoring the application. That organisation will then supervise the use of the funds for the benefit of the client and for the agreed purpose. Cheques will not be made payable to the client, or to the social worker, or other responsible person submitting the application. Cheques cannot be made payable to the provider of the goods and/or services,e.g., utility provider.

Do you have any questions?

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 9264 9480 or email us at


Guidelines pamphlet


Application Form

The Application form is available in PDF:


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