Our Mission
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The Walter and Eliza Hall Trust

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For those who are financially disadvantaged, particularly women and children and the disabled, to have timely access to the basic necessities and at least the minimal comforts of life consistent with contemporary Australian community standards.



To provide a ready and sympathetic source of funds for those needing relief from the effects of financial disadvantage, disease, and disability, and to make a real difference to the well-being and quality of life of those Australians we are able to assist.



  • We respect the social, economic, religious, and cultural contributions of all individuals and communities and are non-discriminatory in our grant making.
  • We are not judgmental about the causes of need in the individual cases in which we become involved.
  • We provide assistance in a way that maintains client dignity and some freedom of choice.
  • Where donors make gifts for specific purposes, we respect their wishes.
  • We endeavor to remain faithful to the intentions of the founder of our charity.



  • To direct our resources responsibly and to best effect.
  • To operate a well-managed, efficient, and accountable organization.
  • To deepen and broaden our funding base.
  • To develop our organizational capabilities in the areas of communications, marketing, and sector relationships.